Tori Porter:  Internet Addict, Social Marketer, Blogger, Art & Music Lover, Gardener, Runner, Traveler, Photographer, and Dizzy Blonde.

I’m an information junkie and constantly seek out new ideas.  I feel a constant need to learn and grow, seeking out to soak up all life has to offer.  I love how the internet enables my consumption and I have a strong passion for using the power of online technologies to communicate and share information.  I love to show other people how to use the internet to quickly find the answers they are looking for.

Professionally, I am a marketer and product manager in the graphics software business with 10 years experience leading customer engagement. I have expert experience in managing strategy and execution for social media, email marketing, SEO, e-commerce and store catalogs, website content management, and analytics.

Some of my favorite people are artists, writers and musicians and when I’m not consuming their creations I tend to my garden, run races, take pictures, travel and post all over the internet about all of it.



Websites, Blogs & Projects

I’ve also started, stopped, started and neglected multiple web properties over the years.  I have a dozen semi-forgotten social networking accounts and a handful of blogs.  I like projects.  I’ve used Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr to set up homes to collect my thoughts and images related to various hobbies.

Here are a few of the personal projects I try to manage time for:

The Live Loud Challenge

This website asks readers “What can you to make your life just a little bit louder? What is a tiny choice that you can make in your month that will take you outside your routine?”  The Live Loud Challenge tries to push readers to drive a different way than the norm, try a new food, go a new place, and LIVE life through a changed perspective! Big or small, life is about those little experiences, and sometimes it’s too easy to get stuck into a routine and forget to say YES. The Live Loud Challenge is here to ask you to try just ONE THING every month that you wouldn’t normally do. Can you do 11 things in 2011?

Snapped In Sin – A photo blog for a dizzy blonde

I really love taking pictures.  Sometimes I get a good shot, but it’s mostly about collecting pictures of my experiences so I can relive them.  I have been so lucky to have an adventurous life and I’m proud to document and share those moments.  Currently neglected while I rethink my content strategy for my photography, this site is still home to almost 2000 select images from my collection.

I’ve Never Project – Living Life Loudly : Life List Tracking for a Dizzy Blonde

I think life is an amazing miracle and I want to have as many experiences (and document them) as possible.  Started as a project for my 30th birthday to do 30 things I had never done before, this blog has became a place for me to compile my life list wishes and document my progress towards completing those experiences.

Inspired by multiple suggestions from lists, books and articles this blog is a life long project that I care for deeply and wish I had more time to commit to.

Soaked in Soil – Diary of a Vegetable Garden

I started my first garden as part of the Aptos Community Garden project in 2010, and started this blog to document my growth and progress. Unfortunately, this is my least maintained blog, but someday I have full intentions to come back and share all of the things I’ve learned.

Now in my second year, I love gardening more and more every day and hope to show more people how easy it is!

Other Things I Think Are Awesome:

I love live music, am a fan of black cats, collect vodka, love living in Santa Cruz, run a lot and call myself a Burner.

I think geocaching is cool and I like to cook a lot.