Five Blogs To Follow: Art & Photography Blogs on Tumblr

I’m highly visually inspired.  Are you?

Here are 5 art, photography and design Tumblr blogs I think are rad:

#1. Inspire Me Now

#2. I Can Read

#3. This Isn’t Happiness

#4. The Architecture Blog

#5.  Art Pixie

Do you tumble through Tumblr blogs to find images to inspire you?  Which are your favorite?

Are there other places you get your creative image fix?  Leave a note in the comments and let me know what you think I should add to my list!

I love art, photography, and in general all things creative but I don’t have a lot of time and want to consume as much as possible when I can sneak away.  I’m grateful for two online tools that help satisfy my craving for masses of interesting images.

Google Reader
No matter how frequently people talk about RSS dying off, I really love RSS feeds to keep up with the posts over 200 blogs I like to follow in an organized way. I tried bookmarks and folders, but that never really satisfied my need for timely and voluminous consumption. I love Google Reader to manage my RSS feeds. Reader is free and easy to use and carries Google’s signature simple UI and intuitive features. With the ability to categorize my feeds with tags and folders, Reader allows me to step away from social media research to consume a large quantity of artistic images quickly.

A great easy publishing platform, Tumblr hosts all the above blogs.  In addition to the few I’ve picked out to feature here, they have a ton of other pretty fantastic image aggregation blogs to follow that allow for endless consumption of creations.  (Tumblr has lots of uses.  I actually publish my shared Google Reader items to an account on Tumblr automatically.)

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